Try Our Fenom Dessert (turorudi)


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The expiration date is November 2nd ’19 in freezer.

Note! Since the product comes from Hungary, the expiration date is printed by European way: DAY. MONTH.YEAR.  Now: 2.11.2019


Gluten free, NO GMO

Original Hungarian product

for US distribution in FDA approved package.

Email:  –  Magyarul is írhat nekünk!

Try the dessert that Hungarians grow up on! Delicious creamy mini cheese cake covered with melting dark chocolate.

Gluten free. NO GMO.

One thing is for sure, you will always want a second one.



Well, it’s a product used in Hungary as a filler for pastries and sweets! The Hungarians call it túró {two-row}.

The closest thing we have here is ricotta cheese, but that name doesn’t do it justice. The flavor is bound to be a classic if you have a taste for traditional European goodness. The health benefits are also incredible!

Did you know that it is pumped full of protein and antioxidants? Well they are, and also, the dairy contains calcium, a mineral widely known to help bone development.

The flavor is mild with a hint of sweet. It’s perfect for complementing the chocolate coating that comes with the dessert. There’s a reason this cheese has been a classic go-to for Hungarians for centuries.