Chocolate covered cheesecake bar   

Contains calcium, protein and iron.  A great school snack for children. Best stored frozen until served. This product was number one in Hungary for 46 years, as it is very popular in Europe. The cows were never treated with antibiotics or hormones. The cows were treated according to European regulation, which ensures a healthy and natural environment.

What’s in the Product?

Well, it’s a product used in Hungary as a filler for pastries and sweets! The Hungarians call it túró {two-row}. The closest thing we have here is ricotta cheese, but that name doesn’t do it justice. The flavor is bound to be a classic if you have a taste for traditional European goodness. The health benefits are also incredible! Did you know that it is pumped full of protein and antioxidants? Well they are, and also, the dairy contains calcium, a mineral widely known to help bone development. The flavor is mild with a hint of sweet. It’s perfect for complementing the chocolate coating that comes with the dessert. There’s a reason this cheese has been a classic go-to for Hungarians for centuries.

The Tradition and History

Hungary is a country that swears by traditions, and this túró tradition isn’t going anywhere soon. There are farmers all over the country who make it regularly for themselves. Even the relatives of the American distributor of Fēnom make it for themselves. That’s how you know you are in good hands. Our heritage is colorful and long, and a lot of great things have come of our agriculture based country. Túró is definitely one of them. We aren’t the only ones who use it, though. The idea is in relation with a cheese just like it from Russia. The other Slavic countries also occasionally use it, like Slovakia and Poland. It has been found in Austria as well, near the eastern borders. It is a cultural phenomenon that many foreign Hungarians long for in their own respective countries.

The Health Benefits

It’s time to get a little more technical. One cup of cottage cheese provides 24% of the recommended daily Vitamin B12 intake. Vitamin B is a vitamin that’s not as easy to come by as, for example, Vitamin C or Vitamin D, which are found in plenty of fruits and vegetables. Yet, Vitamin B is crucial to feeling less fatigued and it brightens your mood in general. As aforementioned, it contains calcium. One cup has 14% of the suggested daily intake. Not only does calcium help your bones grow stronger, it controls your blood pressure, and it supports your muscles too. It can even help relieve the symptoms of PMS. Cottage cheese has Vitamin B2 as well. Cheese is incredibly rich in Vitamin B2. Luckily for you, túró has the benefits of cheese with a sweetness that perfectly complements the chocolate coating.

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How It’s Made

The main ingredient in túró is milk. Milk is a colloid, so the particles, if left long enough, will separate. Fresh milk is left to separate overnight, and the thicker layer is left on top. This layered milk is then heated a bit, and then the thicker layer is scooped off. The scooped off layer has the crumbling consistency that you are all familiar with. The túró is tied up into bags and it is left for just enough time to dry a bit, and voilà! The túró is ready to be used in pastries, cakes, and most importantly, Fēnom!